The Last Adagio is the first installment in the Danse Macabre franchise. Your sister invited you to attend the biggest performance of her life and she told you to meet her after the performance, but she disappeared unexpectedly. Explore an ornate performance theater and save your sister from a decades-old curse so this doesn’t become her last encore.

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(Gaspar narrating) "I have to do this. I wish there was some other way. You... You were stunning tonight, brilliant. More gracious than I imagined when I wrote the play for you. Love of my life, shining like the brightest star in the sky, dancing to my music. The only time in my life when I was happier was the day you said you felt the same way. That you loved me as much as I love you... That you chose me over everyone else who adored you. I ran backstage as soon as the music stopped. But then I saw you... With another man.

As soon as I saw his flowers I knew the truth. Your smile pierced my heart, and in that moment, I lost everything that I hold dear. You broke my heart, Marie. You made my life a lie. I have nothing left to live for! But before I go, I want to make sure everyone feels my pain tonight. If you won't be mine, Marie...

Then no one will have you!

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