Oksana Millanova is one of the antagonists in Danse Macabre: Lethal Letters. She works at the Ladoga Asylum, owned by Doctor Peter Tarasov, and has a ballet school that's attended by Irina Bolshakov, a famous ballerina treated in the asylum.

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Even before was born, Oksana's life wasn't easy. Her mother, Varana, left her with her stepfather to marry Duke Bolshakov, which she couldn't do with a child. The stepfather tried his hard to raise Oksana as his own daughter, but she wasn't easy to deal in any kind of thing.

When she become a teenager, she ran away from her home, living in the streets till she joined Doctor's Tarasov experiment for children with misbehaving. However, against the expectations of the psychologists, she didn't become a better person - Oksana grew more and more angry against them teaching her how to behave. During this time, she was choosen to be the Alpha Subject and learned all the methods of hypnosis used by Tarasov. After released, Oksana even tried to explain to the police the truth, but she was hypnotized to forget everything and changed ther testimony.

After her father's death, Oksana, still angry because of her mother, sworn revenge to her and everyone that made her suffer, beginning with the doctors. She started to work at Ladoga Asylum and learned even more about Tarasov's power words of hypnosis; then, she tried the methods with her students of the ballet school. After suceeding, Oksana started to make her revenge by hypnotizing the ballerinas, ordering them to murder the victim which name was written on a red envelope hidden into a bouquet - and after the crime, they should forget knowing her.

When Irina Bolshakov, a young girl daughter of Duke Bolshakov, is put under Doctor Tarasov's care, Oksana sees the possibility to take the revenge against her mother, once Irina was her half-sister and had the life she couldn't ever have. Using the same method, she made Irina kill Count Ivanov, her fiancée; then, she hypnotized Duke Bolshakov to kill Peter Tarasov and then kill himself.

Oksana's plans were interrupted by Doctor Hawthorn, a psychologist especialized in hypnosis.